Punjab government seeking the help of NGOs for the improvement of government school infrastructure

  • 3 September 2018



    There are many government schools in the state of Punjab and many students are studying in these schools. The latest news is the government of Punjab is looking at NGOs and other charitable trusts to improve the infrastructure present in the government schools plus to address the financial deficit of the government schools. To enhance the overall performance of the school, the education department belonging to the Punjab government had caught the attention of many by launching a project in many government schools. It is worthy to mention that this project was launched under the smart school project. It is now revealed that a letter was sent by DGSE or Director General School Education cum State Project Director office to all the NGOs and others. According to the letter it is clear that schools could be supported by setting up of smart classrooms, by building more classrooms plus by building laboratories and toilets, by providing books in the libraries, uniform for the school students etc. It was also mentioned in the letter that free boards could be provided in classrooms, creating infrastructure for midday meals and sports, installing solar power systems, reverse osmosis water coolers etc. Large number of donors under the smart school project through government school staffs has been roped by Mr. Krishan Kumar who is the secretary, school education. The superb piece of news now is the infrastructure of 425 government schools has been improved. By the end of this academic session as many as 4250 schools would be converted to smart schools. According to Mr. Krishan Kumar, a sense of belonging would be created in the community due to the contributions from the people and organisations. He spoke about how this would become a sustainable model through accountability and ownership. He finally added that the government would play its role in teaching and resolving few issues.

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