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Training for the teachers by AICTE to make them proficient in technology

  • 3 September 2018



    This is technology and communication age and it is important for a person to be proficient in the technology or to be tech savvy. The news that has emerged now is AICTE or All India Council for Technical Education would be conducting a training programme for the teachers. The main purpose of this training is to make the teachers tech-savvy and also to make them understand about the blend learning. When the online digital media is combined with traditional classroom methods, then the students would be able to understand the concepts much better. This blend learning is a programme that combines the above both for the sake of the students and teachers. According to director PMSSS and SWAYAM, Mr. Manpreet Singh Manna, there would be as many as 75 NRC or National Resource Sources in India. These NRCs would create 40 hours contents for various fields like science, law, literature etc. This would be a fresher course and the teachers would be benefited by knowing how to keep in pace with the latest technology. Specialisation in his or her domain would be possible. It is well known that the students are highly proficient or tech savvy with the latest technology and make use of the available technology for their studies. Teachers mostly do not know about the latest technology and to bridge this gap between the students and teachers a need was felt. The amazing piece of news is IITs, NITs, and central universities have been roped to create content in order to provide the teaching methods of a particular subject. It is often said classrooms are boring for the students. To make these classrooms more interesting for the students, this programme has been created. As many as 6 lakh teachers would be trained under the domain of AICTE. This was confirmed by Mr. Manpreet Singh Manna.

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