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Chapter on D.S. Kulkarni removed from B.Com curriculum by the Savitribai Phule Pune

  • 4 September 2018



    Established in the year 1949, University of Poona is present in Pune in the western part of India.This university has been producing many students who have become highly successful in their lives. This university is now known by the name Savitribai Phule Pune University or SPPU and it is making sensational news. Many colleges are affiliated to this university. It is now revealed that a circular has been issued by this university and as per the circular the chapter on the real estate developer Mr. D. S. Kulkarni should no longer be taught to the students of first year B.Com course. Yashogatha is a textbook written by Dr. Shejwalkar for the Marathi subject for the first year B.Com course. The chapter on Kulkarni titled ‘Leader in the Real Estate Business’ was part of this yashogatha. Since Kulkarni and his kin were involved in a cheating case and are in jail, political parties approached the university to remove the chapter about him. A review committee was setup by the university and the chapter was excluded from the curriculum. This was confirmed by an official belonging to SPPU. It must be noted that for the third year B.Com students of this university, Business Entrepreneurship Special paper-3 had a chapter on Kulkarni. This chapter is also removed now.
    In the month of May in 2018, Mr. Kulkarni and his wife grabbed many eyeballs when they cheated by collecting money from many investors. The EOW of Pune police had filed as case against them for committing Rs 2043.18 crores fraud. As many as 33000 investors were cheated by these husband and wife duo as the accused floated as many as 9 different firms and siphoned the money from these investors. It is brought out that the students would get a wrong picture if they study about the success story of the person who is now in the judicial custody.

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